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specials for TUESDAY, january 24

iced tea: green pomegranate
italian soda: elderflower
coffee flavor: french vanilla
matcha: butter rum
latte: italian eggnog

bake haus:
oreo stuffed chocolate chip
marshmallow stuffed chocolate chip
cookie sandwiches with cream filling
party snickerdoodle
m&m snickerdoodle
original cookie splits

potato leek (veg)
beef vegetable (gf) (veg/gf)

*original sides available*:
(when special sides are available substitute them for an original side for 1.50 or add a side for 2.50)

#1:smoked salmon with a whipped balsamic dill cream cheese, mixed greens and French fried onions on a baguette.

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2013-12-11: pdf menu: need a pdf menu to float around the office? drop us a note at comments@openfacesandwicheatery.com and we'll send one over!